Micro Core Polyester Thread

There is no dearth of polyester thread techniques. At KTL we have developed a new one, one way above the rest.

We call it the Micro Core Polyester technique.

With MCP thread and its exceptional scope of further devlopment, we have made a product which could fit into any imaginable field of application.

Features and Benefits

  • Negligible hariness eliminates abrasion - No Fly, No spinning faults, No clogging of needle eye, less downtime, higher productivity.
  • No thick and thin places - Clean and uniform seam with uniform strength.
  • Round cross section Provides resistance against mechanical treatment, thereby less thread wear and tear ensuring minimum alterations due to thread breakage.
  • Brilliant and Glossy Appearance - Gives an outstanding and neat seam, a perfect product for high quality fabrics.