Premium Quality Cotton Corespun Thread

KTL's Duracot is a top quality corespun thread that combines a high tenacity polyester filament core with a natural cotton cover. The filament core offers excellent strength and durability, while the long staple wrap protects the core from the needle heat and presents ascethetic seam appearance resulting in excellent sewing performance.

Features and Benefits

  • Special lubricants ensure smooth, trouble-free sewing.
  • Cotton wrap protects the polyester core from needle heat and high ironing temperatures.
  • Strong polyester filament core allows the use of finer thread sizes improving seam appearance without compromising seam strength.
  • Excellent wash-down characteristics makes it ideal for jeans.
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance for demanding jeans and workwear applications.
  • Suitable for overdyeing denim wears.
  • Available in Tex 24,40,60,80,105,120,150.
Main Uses
Fine cotton, denim shirts and suits
Fine fabrics and premium lingerie
Leather goods, towels and home furnishings
Classic jeans and outdoor wear